Welcome to the Accounting Growth Institute, a comprehensive growth leadership and marketing program for leading local accounting firms. Growing the CPA firm you want toMarketing Firm Leader Steps Graphic lead will requires purpose, a plan and the right strategy and resources. The Accounting Growth Institute was designed specifically for leading local accounting practices that serve small businesses and their owners. Our members think of themselves as entrepreneurs first and accountants second. They believe that they can control the direction of their practice through intentional growth and a consistent pipeline of new opportunities, and they understand the importance of marketing and the absolute necessity of strategic growth planning and business development. The Accounting Growth Institute provides local firm leaders with the ongoing education, tools and resources and they need to consistently create opportunities for profitable, rewarding work.

The Accounting Growth Institute is a revolutionary marketing engine developed specifically to empower growth within leading local accounting firms.
The program was designed by industry leading growth and marketing consultants from Catalyst CPA Marketing to bring the power of the marketing and business development engines found in top 100 firms to leading local CPA firms.

What is the Accounting Growth Institute?

The Accounting Growth Institute is a member organization designed to provide leading local CPA firms and their owners with the tools, resources and ideas they need to achieve dynamic organic growth. The Accounting Growth Institute provides strategic advisory services, ongoing professional education and marketing and sales resources to help firm leaders build a growing, profitable firm. Accounting Growth Institute members are a very specific type of firm.

Why the Accounting Growth Institute Exists

Sustained growth at a professional service firm requires a specific set of factors. The formula has been mastered by the largest firms in the country — but mastered at significant cost. Unfortunately, the large firm model is not functional for smaller firms. Local firms need the same ingredients, but their budget doesn’t allow them to invest in creating each element from scratch. The cost of doing so would consume their budget before they ever got started. The Accounting Growth Institute works by making a previously unattainable growth model work within a small firm environment. We take advantage of economies of scale and collaboration technology to deliver high value services and resources at the right price.

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