Through the Topline Education program, the Accounting Growth Institute provides ongoing marketing, growth management and business development workshops for firm management and professional staff. The Topline Education program focuses on the skills and strategies that enable professionals to positively effect the top line of your firm. From elevator pitches to networking, LinkedIn management and cross-sales. We cover all of the important ideas and skills – ensuring that you and your team have the knowledge and the skillset to understand how to build your revenue.

We have two separate programs running concurrently at all times. Our setup process involves matching your professionals to the right program and ensuring that the training is coordinated with your growth strategy. Live educational opportunities are available at least two times per month, while members also have unlimited access to work plans and archived video presentations.

If you desire to develop a culture of growth within your firm, developing the skills of your professionals that will drive the future growth and profitability of your firm, there is no better place to start than the Accounting Growth Institute’s Topline Education program. Workshops are designed and presented by members of the Catalyst CPA Marketing team, comprised of current and former practitioners and marketing specialists. Guest presenters may also contribute from time to time to discuss specialized growth topics such as mergers and acquisitions, pricing strategy and social media marketing.

Our Topline Education program includes two distinct tracks for accounting professionals – Growth Management for firm management; and Business Development for all professionals. Online workshops for each track will be provided monthly. Our first priority is getting selected professionals within your firm on the right track and coordinating their activities with firm goals.