The successful completion of almost any job requires the right training and the right tools. You wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars training a builder in the sciences of structural engineering and construction and then send him to the construction site with a shovel.  The right combination of tools, skills, and knowledge make almost any task achievable. Missing any of these can make something much harder than it needs to be.

Yet what seems like common sense is frequently ignored when it comes to selling accounting services. Firms spend countless dollars for consultants and seminars for professionals who don’t have the basic tools they need to do the job. A firm with subpar marketing materials or an ineffective website, is like a consultant standing on a lift at a construction site with elaborate blue prints in their hands talking to a bunch of guys holding shovels and garden rakes.  All of the knowledge in the world isn’t going to help them build that house without the right set of tools.

Unfortunately, too many firms send their professionals to the job site with nothing in their hands but a shovel. They might know how to sell, they might have a great product to sell, but their effectiveness is being undermined by their image and their materials. In sales, perception is often more important than substance, yet too many firms assume perception will naturally line up with reality.

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