AGI Market Leader Firm - Marketing Tools & ResourcesHaving a great brand and a strategic plan for growth will position your for effective revenue generation. Actually bringing in new revenue will require coordinated efforts supported by the right tools. While larger firms may be able to go down the hall and engage their internal marketing team, small firms have historically struggled to consistently execute their growth strategies.

Your ability to go from strategy to execution to revenue generation  will depend on the tools, resources and processes that you have at your disposal. Accounting Growth Institute members enjoy industry leading marketing & communication tools, agency and creative support from Catalyst CPA Marketing, and tools to help manage the process of marketing and sales.

Marketing & Communication Tools

Upon starting the program, we’ll customize a dynamic set of marketing and communication tools for your firm. Marketing Leader Firms will be provided with the marketing, sales and business development tools needed to execute their marketing and communication plans and bring new clients into their firm.

Digital Business Development Hub

  • Optimized Website for Inbound Lead Generation
  • Blog and Monthly Content
  • Client Center
  • Performance & Traffic Reporting

Branding and Sales Tools

  • Marketing Communication Tools


  • Monthly Small Business Newsletter
  • Branded E-blast & Newsletter Templates

Marketing & Design Support

Member firms receive on demand access to the industry leading team from Catalyst CPA Marketing team. With access to strategists, designers, digital and online marketing experts and marketing managers, your initiatives will always have the support they need.