AGI Market Leader Firm - Branding & MessagingYour Brand, Your Potential

Branding is the cornerstone of any successful organization, even your accounting firm. Your brand encapsulates what and who you are. It provides a roadmap for you and your team, it tells potential clients and referrals sources what you are about and why you are the best choice to serve them, and it allows you to communicate value.

Your brand is a statement of who you are and the value you provide. It is a storing place for value that sets the stage for sales, marketing and even recruiting activities. Without the right brand message, your ability to control the direction of your firm is greatly impeded. So why do so many firms open their doors without any thought about their brand? And what can be done to enhance or refine your brand now?

Your brand needs to clearly communicate who you are, why you do what you do, who you want to serve and the value that you bring to your target audience. If you started your firm without going through a branding process, you gave up your ability to shape your practice before you even started. You simply decided to be an accounting firm. You know what that means? That means that you have agreed to allow your future clients to dictate what services you will provide, how you will provide them and for what price. Here’s the good news. Your decision isn’t binding. It’s not even like an irrevocable election. There’s not even an open enrollment period that you have to wait for before changing your decision. You can take control over your brand at any time.

The right branding process will help you and your team define your value and find your voice. Your value and your voice will allow you to sell your firm and your services, providing you with the options and choices that you will need to shape your firm.

Our Branding Process


Research involves in-depth research of firm brand, culture, services, competition, market and audiences. In this phase, we are learning who the firm is, how the firm is perceived, how the firm wants to be perceived, the market expectations of their target audience and how the firm will differentiate itself. The research phase is the foundation for any branding project.


The brand objectives and strategy phase involves clearly stating the objectives of the brand initiative, getting firm buy-in and agreement on these objectives, and setting out the strategy that we will use to accomplish our objectives.This is a critical phase, where we seek to build consensus around market brand objectives before we begin the design process. We work with firm management to set clear objectives and strategies that will drive our design and messaging services.

The statement of brand objectives and strategy development is the intersection of the research project and brand strategy.


In this phase we create concepts based on the research results, brand objectives and stated strategy. Catalyst CPA Marketing’s branding team will lead a process of visual interpretation and message development. Tagline development, primary messaging and logo development will take place on a parallel track.


The development of clear brand standards is essential to the overall growth and protection of your brand. These standards will provide rules for use of the logo, tagline, etc. while establishing font guidelines for different applications.