What is a Digital Growth Membership?

Digital Growth Members are focused on generating inbound opportunities for client service through their website, client communications, and content marketing. They understand the value of their online brand and believe that reaching the right audience with the right message requires the right strategy and the right tools. These firms are focused on building their online brand and positioning themselves as market leaders and the first choice of clients in their markets. They want to be found by the right people and deliver the right message, fueling their pipeline for business development.

Digital Growth Members understand that doing a job right requires not just the right plan and expertise, but the right set of tools. Marketing is no different. But marketing tools are always changing – staying ahead of the game is difficult for a marketing agency, and even more challenging for an accounting firm.

Digital marketing tools and resources provided will include:

  1. Digital Business Development Hub
    • Optimized Website for Inbound Lead Generation (Updated every three years with a new web platform)
    • Blog and Monthly Content
    • Client Center
    • Search Engine Optimization Performance & Traffic Reporting
    • Social Media Tools & Plans
  2. Communications
    • Monthly Small Business Newsletter
    • Branded E-blast & Newsletter Templates
  3. Digital Marketing Education

Is a Digital Growth Membership Right for Your Firm?

The Digital Growth Membership was designed for the progressive, forward thinking local practice. It is specifically designed to serve rapidly growing local practices (or those that desire rapid growth) that are focused on serving small businesses and their owners. The messaging, tools, strategies and resources included in the Digital Growth Membership speak to a very specific value proposition for business owners.

The membership is the right solution for firms which:

  1. Serve small business and their owners
  2. Are progressive in their methods of service delivery
  3. Desire strong organic growth and understand the importance and value of digital marketing
  4. Understand the modern buying research process
  5. Seek inbound service opportunities through optimization of their digital assets
  6. Want to be industry leaders in digital marketing and online brand development

The Digital Growth Membership is for the modern firm owner that wants to stay ahead of service and buying trends. It is for firm owners that understand that websites, client communication and digital marketing are more than a check box, they represent an opportunity to support and fuel the growth of their firm. Is the Digital Growth Membership the right solution for your firm?