Welcome to the Accounting Growth Institute

AGI-logo-horiz-200wWelcome to the Accounting Growth Institute, a comprehensive growth leadership and marketing program for leading local accounting firms. Growing the CPA firm you want to lead will requires purpose, a plan and the right strategy and resources. The Accounting Growth Institute was designed specifically for leading local accounting practices that serve small businesses and their owners. Our members think of themselves as entrepreneurs first and accountants second. They believe that they can control the direction of their practice through intentional growth and a consistent pipeline of new opportunities, and they understand the importance of marketing and the absolute necessity of strategic growth planning and business development.

The Accounting Growth Institute provides local firm leaders with the ongoing education, tools and resources and they need to consistently create opportunities for profitable, rewarding work. The Accounting Growth Institute is a revolutionary marketing engine developed specifically to empower growth within leading local accounting firms.

The program was designed by industry leading growth and marketing consultants from Catalyst CPA Marketing to bring the power of the marketing and business development engines found in top 100 firms to leading local CPA firms. Learn More

Our Philosophy

Steve Brunson

Average practices just happen. Great accounting practices develop with purposeful action led by driven entrepreneurs with the right plan, resources and dedication to growth. At the Accounting Growth Institute, we believe that through strategic planning and investing, local CPA practices can become great businesses. Our members are practice leaders who believe that:

  1. Their firm can be a rewarding and profitable business
  2. Growing and shaping their practice requires new opportunities
  3. New opportunities require a strategic plan and specific action
  4. Marketing and business development are essential to building an entrepreneurial firm
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The Entrepreneurial Accountant
Revenue Growth and Strategic Leadership in the Firm of the Future.

AGI eBook - The Entrepreneurial Accountant - Free DownloadDoes managing your firm seem more like a job than a business?  Do you want the ability to determine the services you want to provide, the clients you want to serve and the fees you want to charge? In the “Entrepreneurial Accountant,” you’ll learn one major ingredient that many local firms are missing, why this ingredient is essential to your ability to lead, and how you can gain the ability to build a thriving, profitable, rewarding firm.